Junk Removal 911 Recycles 65-70% of All Items!

Donate First, Recycle Second

We want our service to have as less as an environmental impact as possible, so we donate as many items as possible. You would be surprised how many items we pick-up can be reused or re-purposed. Junk Removal 911 works with many charity and non-profit organizations in Chicago including Goodwill, The Salvation Army and several local area churches. It’s rewarding to be able to provide items to those in need. You know what they say, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!”

If the charities can’t or won’t take it, then it’s sent to a transfer station. At the transfer station, all items are sorted and separated by material, i.e. concrete, wood, paper, cardboard, metals, etc.  After the materials are sorted they are sent to the appropriate facilities for recycling.

Items that can’t be recycled are taken to a landfill. As of March 1, 2006 the City of Chicago passed an ordinance requiring at least of 50% of construction and demolition waste has to be recycled. Junk Removal 911 is able to provide customers with reports for the Chicago Recycling Program. Please mention you need a report when scheduling your appointment.

Donation Center
Recycling Facility Illustration

Many in the junk removal industry say they think green, recycle, and donate, but the old saying is true – “Actions speak louder than words.”

  • We are a proud sponsor of Gateway Greens. They landscape Chicago’s expressways and remove debris. Look for our sign on the Dan Ryan expressway.
  • We support the Salvation Army and other organizations by donating items.
  • We also donate used building material to Rebuilding Exchange. Plus, we sponsored the inaugural Rebuilding Exchange Salvager’s Ball at Lagunita’s Brewery. This great organization creates a market for reclaimed building materials by diverting materials from landfills and making them accessible for reuse through their retail warehouse.
  • We know that plastic grocery bags are not good for the environment, so we give customers our reusable bags. Ask your crew member for one.
  • Also ask for your free Junk Removal 911 pen. It’s made from recycled material.
Junk Removal 911 Pens Made from Recycled Materials
Proud Sponsor of Gateway Greens
Junk Removal 911 Sign on the Dan Ryan Expressway
Junk Removal 911 Donating to the Salvation Army
Rebuilding Exchange Logo
Junk Removal 911 Bags Made from Recycled Material
Junk Removal 911 Bags Made from Recycled Material
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