Have an Old Pool or Hot Tub that You Want Removed?

Pools and hot tubs can be lots of fun but when they get old or unused they can become a real eyesore. But removing them from your property can be a real hassle. It can take a long time to disassemble an above ground pool and hot tubs are heavy! Then you have to haul it to the dump. That is why the experts at Junk Removal 911 are here to help you! We have many years of experience in removing above ground pools and hot tubs. We can take take of it in no time!

Pool Removal
Hot Tub Removal

What Do We Do with Your Old Pool or Hot Tub?

Junk Removal 911 is committed to being as environmentally friendly as possible. Some of the components or materials in your pool or hot tub may be re-usable. We will take it to a processing center where it will be disassembled and sorted for re-use, recycling and disposal.

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We are a locally owned company that provides fast and friendly service to Chicago and the surrounding areas. Call 1-866-HAUL(4285)-911 for a free pool or hot tub removal estimate. You only pay for the truck space you use and labor is included. Plus we are 100% bonded and insured.

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