Is It Time to Cleanout the Clutter?

It’s pretty common to use your attic, basement or garage as extra storage but over time these spaces can get so packed that cleaning it becomes overwhelming. That where Junk Removal 911 comes in! If you have had enough of the clutter then it’s time to call the junk removal experts! You will feel so relieved to have a clean space again or be able to park your car in the garage again!


What Do We Do with Your Items?

First, we try to donate as many of your items as possible. We have many partnerships with charity organizations thorough Chicago such as Goodwill, The Salvation Army and several local churches. The rest of the items that cannot be donated are sent to a processing center where the materials are sorted for recycling and disposal. We are committed to being as eco-friendly as possible and we recycle up to 70% of all items! So you can be assured that your items will not just go straight to the landfill.

Call Us for a Free Cleanout Estimate

Junk Removal 911 is a highly reviewed, locally owned company that provides fast and friendly service to Chicago and the surrounding areas. Call 1-866-HAUL(4285)-911 for a free attic, basement or garage cleanout estimate. You only pay for the truck space you use and labor is included. Plus we are 100% bonded and insured.

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